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The Master Killer Training Regimen: Day 1

​ ​My quest to be a Master Of Umarmed Combat. (A monk to be exact. Lol) A.M: about 15-20 minutes of jump rope. Afternoon: about 45 minutes of shadowboxing. Late night: shoulder conditioning and 500 crunches. Simple & Basic. For my morning cardio and afternoon shadowboxing, I didn't have a set timer. I just pushed… Continue reading The Master Killer Training Regimen: Day 1

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The Master Killer Training Routine

Here is a rundown of the training routine i'll be doing to get myself into extraordinary shape. Cardio: Jumprope, Shadowboxing, jogging and sprinting. Strength Training: Pushups, pullups, air squats, situps and shadowboxing with weights. Power & Explosive Training: Jumprope, sprinting and shadowboxing. Muscular Endurance: Circuit training that consist of pushups, pullups, air squats and shadow boxing with weights. Skill… Continue reading The Master Killer Training Routine