Peaceful Aggression

I sit quietly. I force my mouth to stay shut. Words of excited emotion stay trapped behind my lips. There is no movement from my body. My bones burn with the desire to jump up and down relentlessly while I sit in stillness. Anxious emotions keep my senses on edge. My deep breathing controls those… Continue reading Peaceful Aggression

Mindset, Motivation


Your eye sight is narrowed and aimed. Everything around your laser like gaze is blurred. Your heart paces. Your breathing steadily gets heavier with each breath you take. Hands tightly clinched. Teeth grinding. Feet planted. There's only one thing on your mind. DOMINATE THE CHALLENGE AT HAND. The Beast only knows one thing. KILL or… Continue reading The MINDSET of a BEAST



Here's a workout for all the ladies who stay at home taking care of their kids. Its time to build those legs up with an easy to do workout that requires no gym or equipment. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, 10 rounds of wide stance bodyweight squats. 20 seconds on 10… Continue reading LOWER BODY WORKOUT FOR STAY AT HOME MOTHERS

Mindset, Motivation, Self Development

Break ALL the rules to be successful.

By reading the title you must be thinking, "How in the world will I be successful by breaking all the rules?" EASY. Everyones definition of success is different. For some it may be making millions of dollars. For others its taking vacations whenever they want. Regardless of what your vision of success is, you're going to… Continue reading Break ALL the rules to be successful.