Have you ever thought about taking up some boxing to get into shape?

Here are the top 5 benefits from taking your workouts from the gym to the punching bag.

1) Learn To Kick Some ASS.

Boxing is an excellent way to learn how to defend yourself.

If an attacker comes your way, you will be able to better gauge the distance of harm and of course, PUNCH your attacker in the face.

You must always be about love and positivity but if harm comes your way, boxing will prepare you to handle some business.

2) Helps to clear the Mind.

Taking your aggression out on a punching bag is a perfect way to clear your mind.

These days, many of us are bombarded with work, bills, stress and busy schedules that its good to unleash your anger. Keeping your cool and being a civilized human being can take a toll on your mind. Boxing can be a way of meditation.

Next time your angry, try to find a nice empty spot with no one around. An area where you can move around a bit.

Start shadowboxing.

Throw your punches with intent. Imagine that there is someone in front of you. Put as much effort into each punch to ensure you knock your opponent out.

If you are punching with intent, watch how fast your anger will die down.

You’ll probably even forget that you where even angry in the first place.

3) Teaches you Discipline.

To become good at boxing, whether its for sport or recreation, you must devote TIME.

You must take time out of your day to commit to your health and badassery.

Finding the time and making sacrifices will bring discipline.

Instead of watching Netflix for 5 hours after work, you are using your time to bettering your boxing technique and health.

Day after day, the more time you put in, the more disciplined you become.

4) Tones up your body.

Boxing will make you sweat. That is a guarantee.

Rapdily punching round after round will burn tons of calories, helping you to shed fat. Also the endless rounds of punching will sculpt your shoulder muscles and biceps helping you achieve that “badass” look.

Every badass is not complete without a pair of nice toned “GUNS”.

If you do a full boxing training regimen which includes, shadowboxing, heavy bag punching, roadwork (jogging), jump roping, and core work, you will definitely shed fat.

Combine a boxing regimine and a clean diet will help in achieving a lean, muscular body.

5) Build up your Confidence.

You can’t tell me that learning how to kick some ass while getting ripped & toned will not bring confidence.

Knowing how to defend yourself is a must if your looking to build the confidence of a HARDCORE BADASS.

I’ve seen dorky, shy, bookworm kids commit themselves to 3 months of intense boxing training to become transformed into head high, chest out, overly confident men.

No more holding their head down as they walk.

No more mini mouse voice when they spoke.

Learning how to defend themselves turned them into MEN.

Especially for you ladies.

Boxing is a great way for you to feel good about yourself.

Slim waist, toned body and you know how to kick ass…. Ladies, you cannot tell me you wouldn’t want that.

Boxing is an overall great way to increase the quality of your life and make you a badass.

If you’re looking to switch up your fitness regimen and throw in some boxing, you can google gyms around your area. If your lucky, you’ll have boxing classes at the gym your already a member of.

Another great thing is that you can do boxing training from your very own home. Find a nice clear area, purchase yourself a punching bag & get to punching!!!

There’s a million more benefits to boxing training that will help you in achieving better health and a better life.

Until next time,

Beat the crap out of your excuses.

Chez Cantere_






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