Once again I’ll let my thoughts run wild.

Before hand I would like to say thank you.

Yes. YOU.

Collectively, this will be my 3rd blog.

My first blog, hardcorefitnesshawaii.blogspot.com was geared towards my fitness business. I always used to get questions on exactly what it is I do. Facebook and Instagram helped a lot but I ramble too much for those social media outlets. So then my first blog was born.

Down the line I realized that my fitness business, Hardcore Fitness Hawaii is basically a a small little portion of ME, Chez Cantere. Every workout aspect of my fitness biz was based on my values and philosophies of life.

Thats when blog #2 was born. chezcantere.blogspot.com. I closed my fitness business blog and went full board onto my personal blog. There I still had the theme of fitness and  I wrote articles mainly to attract readers. I wanted to peg myself as an “authority” of hardcore strength and conditioning.

With all honesty, I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

I felt like I was going through the motion to get people to pay me for fitness services. Thing for me was I trapped myself within those boundaries. The boundaries of being a fitness coach.

Now I’ll get this straight. I’m still a fitness coach and fitness/fighting will always be in my life.

With my blog I wanted more Expression.

More Freedom.

More room to let out my Legendary, creative Genius.

Now birth to my 3rd and most current blog, hardcorechez.wordpress.com

For about 4 years I’ve stuck with blogspot and it was really good for me. I just wanted to start new so I decided to come on to wordpress. I must say I’m very pleased. The themes are definitely very nice and easy to work with. Also the switch between looking at my blog from desktop computer to mobile phone is impressive.

Now for the fun part.

My mind can work in weird ways. I must say, I really do think I think differently.

The only way I’ve been able to transfer my way of thinking is through fitness. I use fitness as a vehicle to unleash my genius.

You ever watched Dragon Ball Z? If you have you’re kind of familiar with some of the training they did. In the early dragon ball days, Master Roshi trained Krillin and Goku for the first ever world marital arts tournament.

Master Roshi made them do harsh labor work for strength and conditioning. They where delivering milk, digging holes, swimming away from sharks, all with a 50lbs turtle shell strapped on their backs. (the turtle shell acted as a weighted vest)

Crazy thing is this training made them ultra strong. They where in better shape than anyone else in the tournament.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Chez, its just a cartoon. I know. But in my head… Its real.

Here’s a little clip of Goku and Krillin training.

If my early clients from Hardcore Fitness Hawaii where to watch this, they would say thats what they did. And guess what…. they’re right. I made them do a bunch of labor work just like Goku and Krillin. And you can guess the results…. Amazing.

For me if someone can make a cartoon showing someone excel in physical fitness from hard labor work, it can also happen in real life.

Okay there are some things thats over the top but again, “If you can think it, then it can become a reality”.

Thats just how I feel.

And here is a clip of the early days of my fitness gym.

As you can see, nothing but labor work.

With this new blog, I’ll be going balls to the wall. No holding back. Anything and everything that is on my mind I will say.

A lot of people may not understand it.

But in time you will come to value and appreciate The things on this blog.

I promise you that.

Welcome to the journal of a Legend.

The land where thoughts become things.

Anything is Possible….


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