Many times I need to say this to myself. At times, I am myself. Other times, I feel like I’m trying to be someone else.

Most of the world now is also the same. We can thank social media for that.

Most times I look on Instagram and I can find multiple accounts that look identical to other accounts.

Its crazy.

That’s why I’m not on Instagram so much anymore. I kinda see the same things just being reposted or copied by someone else. But then….

But then….

There are those few accounts I follow and they are really THEMSELVES.

Its nice to see genuine people on social media. The genuine people I see on social media are normally assholes. And they are right for being assholes. They know who they are and what their worth is.

They voice their opinion openly on social media that causes a lot of backlash.

But in the end, they don’t give a fuck.

As for myself, I’m guilty of posting shit just to look a certain way. For me I’ll post something with a positive quote and use “good language” knowing that my ass swears a shit ton.

I remember I said exactly how I feel about a certain workout I did.

I posted a vid of me doing pushups and I said something like “I’ll demolish anyone when it comes to pushups. If you want to come and test, bring it.”


I got so much backlash from that. And it wasn’t the kind I was expecting.

I was thinking my DM (direct message) was going to be filled with people calling me out and asking me to battle on pushups. But no. People where like “omg you’re so cocky” or “bro you should be humble”.

I was shook. I wasn’t expecting people to come off defensive to it. That hit me hard.

So of course, I deleted the post.

Later on that night I got to thinking. I put in so much hard work. For once I want to stand loud and proud but I get shot down. Did my pride get the best of me? Was I being too cocky? Did people think differently about me now?

Lets rewind a bit.

My name is Chez Cantere also know as Hardcore Chez.

The people close to me call me Mr. Hardcore for 2 reasons. 1 is because of my fitness business was named Hardcore Fitness Hawaii. 2 is because I’m a HARDCORE motherfucker who didn’t give a shit about whats humanly possible. If a workout looks really hard and grueling, best believe I’m doing it.

I know a lot of times my mouth can be very fowl but guess what. I know in my heart I’m a good person. I just grew up with a rough childhood and nothing was handed to me. If I start to be nice that’s when I know life is giving me way too much freebies.

I’ve changed many peoples lives through my gym but the means of my motivation is a little harsh. I always have this line I would tell my members.

“Don’t Be A BITCH.”

I know its a harsh thing to tell that to people who pay you for a service. But guess what, it helped them tremendously. Of course I got to know them first. But I realized this. People are out of shape and overweight because of their weak way of thinking. They’re lazy, make excuses for every little thing and overall just don’t want to work hard because they are bitches.

Well Hardcore Fitness Hawaii is know for taking bitches and turning them into BEAST.

Back to the story. I just had to swear a bit to kind of paint a picture of my personality.

I was thinking that night that maybe I came off cocky.

Then I got to thinking. Guess what. Thats who I am. I know what I bring to this world and how I can help people change their lives. Fuck my haters and fuck those that think I’m being cocky. I work extremely hard. If you get offended by it that means you don’t want to see me shine. So fuck you.

Here are my 2 golden rules for success.

1) Be yourself on social media. (if you have one)

When people get to look at your page, they’ll consume everything you put on there. Whatever you post on social media will become their image of you. When they meet you in person and you end up being someone totally different, the word will go around FAST.

2) No matter where you are, Just be Yourself.

Everywhere you go. To a company party, business deal, wherever. Be the person you are at home. If you’re goofy, be goofy. If you’re an asshole, be an asshole. Being yourself will attract the people you need in your life. If you act as someone else, thats when vibes get mixed up and bad things happen down the line in those relationships.

And as you read it correctly I said “success”.

You don’t want to be a successful and well off person that everyone knows because you’re 2 faced or a fake. To be successful in whatever it is you want to do, first and foremost, YOU NEED TO BE YOURSELF. 



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