70’s Martial Artist, Human Metamorphosis & Deep Mediation are the 3 main things thats been running around my head.

My quest to becoming the best version of myself is becoming a crazy one.

For starters, I wasn’t a normal kid. I guess my competitive nature mixed with an introverted personality made my head spin a little too much. Always trying to set the standard and raising the bar higher than everyone else, has always been on my mind in anything I did.

As of late, I’ve really been diving deep into myself by trying to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. I view myself as a crazed master fighter looking to find self enlightenment.

I’ve taken personality test and come find out, I’m actually both introverted and extroverted. I’ve taken 5 test. All 5 came to the conclusion that I’m about 55% introverted and 45% extroverted. Lucky me. I was hoping to be one or another so I can better pin point my strengths. Now realizing that I’m both, got me to thinking again that I’m a crazed master fighter. 202931-576x450-yinyang

55% introvert and 45% extrovert. You can say that I’m balanced.

Yin and Yang. Balance. Perfect Harmony. Thats the way I view my personality traits now.

Knowing that I can play both sides of the fence makes me happy. I can hide for long periods of time, training and writing on my blog and when its time to shine, I can come out and fully show the fruits of my labor.

Once again I’m thinking that I’m some crazed master fighter.

Throughout my life I’ve watched many kung fu movies. Maybe too much. Mix that in with a little Rocky Balboa trilogy and now I’m really over the top.

I was always drawn to how the martial artist would hide. They would be in their dojo all day and just train and meditate, meditate and train. It was always the bad guy of the movie who would be running around causing havoc, neglecting his training and meditation.


The man in the middle is Masai. Leader of the Gramercy Riffs after Cyrus was assassinated in the movie “Warrior”. Never seen Warriors? I suggest you go and watch it.

Here’s a little clip from the movie.

Most of the kung fu movies that I love always involve the main character to gain above human, spiritual type of powers to aid in his or her fighting skills.

Through rigorous training and deep meditation, the character is able to achieve powers unknown to man. They take on this crazy human transformation. The main character normally begins the movie extremely weak or unable to beat the villain. Then the martial artist goes into hiding, trains really hard, then comes back transformed and able to kill anyone in his or her path. They do it with ease because they went through some type of human metamorphosis.

In the movie “The Last Dragon” the main character Leroy Green trains and meditates intensely to achieve “the Glow”. A form of human metamorphosis.

I know these are movies but guess what, I can imagine a little.

On my quest to become the best version of me, I’ve realized that people do sometimes go through a metamorphosis. I’ve been reading up and studying a lot on millionaires and billionaires. I’ve realized that they are almost like crazed kung fu martial artist.

Many of them are disciplined machines. They’re up early and get straight to work. They work non stop and stick to a well thought out plan.

I was digging deeper and deeper and got to realize that these wealthy individuals all have one thing in common. Visualization.

Everything they have created and brought to this reality is a process of deep self thoughts and meditation. To achieve the many things they have done, they go into deep thinking and deep visualizations, almost to the point they think things into reality.

I’d like to compare this to the martial artist. The martial artist spends great time thinking  and visualizing ways to better him or herself physically and mentally. When he or she is done with deep thinking, they train rigorously, bringing these thoughts to reality.

Same goes with those who own large companies or have created great products. They sit and think, plan, revise, brain storm, think some more, revise, then bring their thoughts into reality.


Russell Simmons, famous entrepreneur, music producer and co founder of the world famous Def Jam Records is a big advocate of meditation.

As of late, I’ve been meditating constantly. Sometimes up to 5x a day for a minimum of 10 minutes. I’ve also been meditating while listening to binaural beats. As I mentioned in a previous article, they’re really helping to gather my thoughts and writing more articles. Here’s the link: Binaural beats for increased HUSTLING

Trying my hardest to go through some “human metamorphosis”.

Martial artist meditate, train, transform then execute.

Millionaires think, plan, revise, transform then execute.

Hardcore Chez meditates, trains, transforms then blogs about it. LOL

This routine is surely getting interesting for me. I’m discovering many things about myself. Adding the fact that I have 1970’s kung fu movies running around in my head is making things even more interesting.

Finding ways to better yourself as an individual of this big universe can take you on some interesting journeys.

Strive daily to become better. Enjoy the process. Share it with others.

And watch a lot of Kung Fu movies.

Until next time,

Hardcore Chez.



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