Location: 3d Vision Room

Time: Somewhere between the past and the future

Song playing on repeat: Frank Ocean Pyramids Part 2


There’s a fire that burns within you.

Its not your usual type of fire. It’s a fire that burns slowly, soothingly and peacefully.

Ignited from the deep depths of your soul, this fire does not harm you.

But it drives you Insane.

You cannot sleep.

Your fingers twitch and tingle.

Some days you have to damn near sit down.

Maybe even take off your shoes.

This fire burns with passion but it brings an unsettling sensation.

This sensation is running throughout your body.

You close your eyes and try to relax but your mind rampantly paces.

This fire continues to grow but you are afraid to touch it.

You’re afraid to understand it.

You don’t want to confront it, more less you don’t want anyone to see it.

This fire is kept IN you, behind your closed eyelids, held hostage by the tenseness of your lips and forever trapped within the jail of your mind.

I sit here and I can observe this fire.

I feel the heat escaping through the radiance of your skin.

I can also feel your restraint that works relentlessly to keep it trapped within you.

This fire. This sensation. This urge that makes you lose focus at everything that you do.

It’s the fire of your Greatness….

You want to know why this fire continuously grows within you?

Do you want to know why you want to escape reality?

Do you want to know why you want to quit your job?

Do you want to know why you’re on my blog reading these words of beauty?

It’s because you know exactly what you want to do with your life BUT you’re not doing it.

This fire is your Greatness.

You keep your greatness hiding deep inside you.

Why you ask?


You also know this.

You know there’s a body which you desire.

You know there’s a level of physical fitness you want to achieve.

You know the type of money you want to make.

You know the type of work you want to be doing.

You know the house you want to live in.

You have a mental map of the life you WANT TO BE LIVING.

You also know that none of it is real.

It’s merely dreams and emotions.

Thoughts and words that die once you’ve snapped out of your daydream.

You don’t have the life you want because you have your Greatness trapped inside you.

This is how you let it out…

Silence anything that may distract you.

Straighten your back, lift your chest up and hold your head high.

Clear your throat.

Read these following lines out loud with conviction, purpose and belief.

I am Happy and Grateful.

I am Wealthy and Abundant.

The universe needs me.

This world needs my Creativity, Thoughts and Ideas.

I’m Confident.

I’m Blessed.

I’m a Blessing.

I live my life in Abundance and give openly with no restraint.

I contribute to this world in a POSITIVE manner because…


Go now and take your first step to your new life.

The life by which you design.

The life that you truly want.

The life of happiness and achievements.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to thank me.

Just be sure to shake my hand when we meet at the top of success.

I’ll see you there….


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