My name



I’m a dad, athlete, fitness coach, personal trainer and a very deep thinker.

There are 3 things that matter to me most in LIFE.

1. Being Extremely Fit to Defend Myself.

2. Motivating People To Be the Greatest Version of Themselves.

3. Being the BEST Father I can be to my 2 baby girls.

My quest to fulfilling these 3 things in life come with many obstacles. Each day brings new challenges that I must overcome.

Being presented with many challenges, my mind runs crazy with ideas to not only overcome them but to completely DOMINATE them. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to use challenges as a way to be successful in life.

Throughout my time on earth, I’ve had many setbacks. I’ve been arrested many times. I’ve failed the 7th grade twice. I’ve been addicted to drugs and alcohol. I’ve been down right broke, lonely and depressed. I’ve lost many friends on the journey to finding myself. I’ve followed dreams and built businesses that I’ve lost….


Through my heartaches, pains and failures, I’ve always been able to pick myself up.

The journey to finding myself and my life’s purpose has been a bumpy one.

Now I’m on top of the world physically, mentally and spiritually because of fitness and self motivaton. I understand the rough times I’ve been through can help inspire individuals to never give up in life.

This blog will be a collection of my thoughts and my journey to becoming the absolute greatest version of myself. I hope the content here can motivate, inspire and help you become a Badass in life.


Believe in yourself and fuck everything else.