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This is how you become GREAT

Location: 3d Vision Room Time: Somewhere between the past and the future Song playing on repeat: Frank Ocean Pyramids Part 2 THIS IS HOW YOU BECOME GREAT. There's a fire that burns within you. Its not your usual type of fire. It's a fire that burns slowly, soothingly and peacefully. Ignited from the deep depths… Continue reading This is how you become GREAT

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The Hungry Lion (motivation for getting back into shape)

Over the years you've gained a bit of weight. Well not a bit. Anything over 5lbs is a lot of weight to many. When your friends ask you to go out, you take forever to get ready because you can't find clothes that you look good in. You spend time taking crazy diet shakes, starving… Continue reading The Hungry Lion (motivation for getting back into shape)


The journal of a Legend

Once again I'll let my thoughts run wild. Before hand I would like to say thank you. Yes. YOU. Collectively, this will be my 3rd blog. My first blog, hardcorefitnesshawaii.blogspot.com was geared towards my fitness business. I always used to get questions on exactly what it is I do. Facebook and Instagram helped a lot… Continue reading The journal of a Legend

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I’m the Master of my Universe

Time - 11:45 p.m Location - the meditation room Song blasting in my head phones - Fade by Kanye West ===================== I will air these feelings out. I wouldn't really consider them feelings. These are truths. Let The TRUTHS be told. I'm the MASTER of the Universe. Every morning I wake up, my mood controls… Continue reading I’m the Master of my Universe

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I walk around and observe many things. One thing that always catches my attention is people staring off into some kind of make believe abyss. Literally, staring out into space. Eyes peeled wide open. Body totally relaxed and still. Mind and bodily senses absolutely numb to their surroundings. Some of these individuals need to be… Continue reading DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL? Get out of YOUR WAY