When Our Soul Cries Out.

What makes you feel? What brings you peace? Where does that feeling of puppy love manifest from? When you have the mentality of jumping in front of bullets to save a loved one, where in the hell does that come from? In our chest, we all have a heart. Our hearts are something physical. Deep … Continue reading When Our Soul Cries Out.


Where are you going?

Each and every morning now I ask myself, "where are you going?" This one little simple question really helps to map out my day. Crazy thing is, it also helps to map out my feelings. Sounds a little crazy. Yes I said feelings. Think of it like this. You wake up, brush your teeth, put … Continue reading Where are you going?

What it takes to be SUCCESSFUL

Everyone in the world wants to be SUCCESSFUL at something. Want to know how to be successful in a field of your choice? Here is the secret. You have to know what you WANT. Sounds simple. But it's not. When is the last time you got to daydream about all the things or thing you … Continue reading What it takes to be SUCCESSFUL

This is how you become GREAT

Location: 3d Vision Room Time: Somewhere between the past and the future Song playing on repeat: Frank Ocean Pyramids Part 2 THIS IS HOW YOU BECOME GREAT. There's a fire that burns within you. Its not your usual type of fire. It's a fire that burns slowly, soothingly and peacefully. Ignited from the deep depths … Continue reading This is how you become GREAT

Binaural beats for increased HUSTLING

As of late, I've been taking on way more task than I usually do. Well I wouldn't say more task but I've been diving deeper into the things I've already been doing. The main things I've been doing these days are reading, writing blogs and coaching clients. I really wanted to increase my work capacity … Continue reading Binaural beats for increased HUSTLING


I walk around and observe many things. One thing that always catches my attention is people staring off into some kind of make believe abyss. Literally, staring out into space. Eyes peeled wide open. Body totally relaxed and still. Mind and bodily senses absolutely numb to their surroundings. Some of these individuals need to be … Continue reading DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL? Get out of YOUR WAY

Do What You Can with What You Have because What You Have IS PLENTY

Here is the truth about starting a business, being successful, losing weight and everything else you aim to achieve in your lifetime. You Don't Need Fancy Shit to be Successful. Really. Looking to start a business? Don't let the idea of  "I need money to start a business" or The other idea of  "I need … Continue reading Do What You Can with What You Have because What You Have IS PLENTY