The journal of a Legend

Once again I'll let my thoughts run wild. Before hand I would like to say thank you. Yes. YOU. Collectively, this will be my 3rd blog. My first blog, hardcorefitnesshawaii.blogspot.com was geared towards my fitness business. I always used to get questions on exactly what it is I do. Facebook and Instagram helped a lot… Continue reading The journal of a Legend


The Top 5 benefits of Boxing Workouts

Have you ever thought about taking up some boxing to get into shape? Here are the top 5 benefits from taking your workouts from the gym to the punching bag. 1) Learn To Kick Some ASS. Boxing is an excellent way to learn how to defend yourself. If an attacker comes your way, you will… Continue reading The Top 5 benefits of Boxing Workouts

Mindset, Motivation

I’m the Master of my Universe

Time - 11:45 p.m Location - the meditation room Song blasting in my head phones - Fade by Kanye West ===================== I will air these feelings out. I wouldn't really consider them feelings. These are truths. Let The TRUTHS be told. I'm the MASTER of the Universe. Every morning I wake up, my mood controls… Continue reading I’m the Master of my Universe

Self Development, Success

Binaural beats for increased HUSTLING

As of late, I've been taking on way more task than I usually do. Well I wouldn't say more task but I've been diving deeper into the things I've already been doing. The main things I've been doing these days are reading, writing blogs and coaching clients. I really wanted to increase my work capacity… Continue reading Binaural beats for increased HUSTLING

Mindset, Self Development, Success


I walk around and observe many things. One thing that always catches my attention is people staring off into some kind of make believe abyss. Literally, staring out into space. Eyes peeled wide open. Body totally relaxed and still. Mind and bodily senses absolutely numb to their surroundings. Some of these individuals need to be… Continue reading DO YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL? Get out of YOUR WAY


Get to know the most fun loving, HARDCORE, legendary beast of a fucking man

My name is Chez Cantere, a.k.a HARDCORE CHEZ. Welcome to my blog. I'm a father, athlete, fitness coach, personal trainer and a very deep thinker. There are 3 things that matter to me most in LIFE. Being Extremely Fit. Motivating People To Be the Greatest Version of Themselves. Being the BEST Father I can be… Continue reading Get to know the most fun loving, HARDCORE, legendary beast of a fucking man