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The Hungry Lion (motivation for getting back into shape)

Over the years you've gained a bit of weight. Well not a bit. Anything over 5lbs is a lot of weight to many. When your friends ask you to go out, you take forever to get ready because you can't find clothes that you look good in. You spend time taking crazy diet shakes, starving… Continue reading The Hungry Lion (motivation for getting back into shape)


The Top 5 benefits of Boxing Workouts

Have you ever thought about taking up some boxing to get into shape? Here are the top 5 benefits from taking your workouts from the gym to the punching bag. 1) Learn To Kick Some ASS. Boxing is an excellent way to learn how to defend yourself. If an attacker comes your way, you will… Continue reading The Top 5 benefits of Boxing Workouts

Mindset, Motivation


Your eye sight is narrowed and aimed. Everything around your laser like gaze is blurred. Your heart paces. Your breathing steadily gets heavier with each breath you take. Hands tightly clinched. Teeth grinding. Feet planted. There's only one thing on your mind. DOMINATE THE CHALLENGE AT HAND. The Beast only knows one thing. KILL or… Continue reading The MINDSET of a BEAST